hey Guys,
I would like to appologise if i have posted this in the wrong place, searched and searched and this was the best section i could find.

I have a couple of adult domains which im looking to get up and running, just wondering if anyone knows of anything out there that will catch movies off of other main sites?

Any advice is appreciated, kinda lost with this one and have been looking on here with no job

Thanks for reading

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Yeah, google it! there is some websites provides drag and drop button like "Save Video". If you drag and drop that button on your browser tool bar and whatever like you said, if you go to the adult website and have an video, nothing to do just click that "Save Video" button it will capture the movie played on the website like flv, mpeg, mp4 formats.

Or Just we can paste the url of your domain to the text box provided in their websites. it will save the video.

If you haven't found a solution to your problem yet I have a suggestion. Try Video Download Helper it's a Firefox Extension and 100% free. On there site they
offer a browser that is dedicated to media. Except the browser is a windows app but it runs perfect on my mac with windows loaded. On this site they offer tools to convert FLV to AVI, MPEG or MP4. So have a look it just maybe the solution your looking for. Here's the link and this is not a affiliate link.
http://www.vidohe.com/site.php?site=304 Hope this helps

just install idm trail version and patch it

Try to use Orbit Downloader....
or if you want it to be online....try KeepVid.com then just paste the vid's url then start downloading...

:) goodluck

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