For your information, i am a student which specialist in Web Development. Currently i am preparing for my final year project. And i plan to develop a website which is a Web-Based Virtual Graveyard. This website is special design for pet only. As a result, the pet owner can create a virtual grave as commemorate purpose.

The core function of my website are create a virtual tomb(profile) for their pet, upload image/video, personalize the tomb layout, message box and etc.

My problem is, I need some unique function for this title to enhance my current work. But i have no idea what unique function can be propose. So hope all expert from this forum can give me some opinion or suggestion regarding to my topic.

Lastly, you can either reply your opinion from this thread or by fill in the survey that i prepare earlier from the below link.


* Apologize for my poor English

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That's pretty twisted.... virtual pet graveyard :) i commend you on your uniqueness good luck with the site

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You reckon that pet owners will be battering down your homepage to prepare for their loved one's demise? Even after the tragic event, while wiping snot and tears from their keyboards, I can really imagine your site lifting their spirits. *sigh*

I may be wrong, I thought $1m pixel advertising was a crap idea.

I have to say that I'm finding it pretty hard to come up with ideas for you... You have no idea how bad I feel about that. The problem being that after people have uploaded their pet's information and picture/video(?), and a few friends have made comments like "Missing you Bingo" (with emails submitted to the ex-pet-owner?), what reason do we have to return to the site? I think coming up with the reason will give you the idea(s) for the unique function that you'll require.

A few bits of additional information could be, favourite toys, games, food, habits, etc. and good deeds that this pet was know for, i.e. what made this pet unique?

Failing that, maybe a different topic is in order?

hello..i'm third year student..for this session i do my undergraduate project..i do about image processing,i think i want make a simple project about image processing..anyone have any idea to share with me..


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