i want to make website using dreamweaver pls tell mi how i can make

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Using DreamWeaver is very elaborate the first thing you do is to define site, get your asset ready, set your layout and there you are for your first page.

thank you giving mi link of very nice website , i also want to know how to uplaoad the webpages in website.and how use to dreamweaver with other software like photoshop, flash,
other software

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To upload your website you must have an domain account. Google it Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials and Web designing techniques and tutorials. You have lot of link to develop your career in webdesigning.

i really thank you for your good ideas but i really not getting link between this thats why i asking this qusetion, but i rellay thnaks for your help. u r really great person who have very altimate knowlgde i really appriciate

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Web designing is a concept to display all things in a attractive way. Thats why we have photoshop for designing/editing images and photoshop gives you a good option to save the image for web. You can create edited still images, merging some other text on the images in photoshop. If you can want to animate the images like slideshow in the top banner of the website or some ad on the site, you do with flash with great effects now flash also supports 3d. In flash you can also write codes like java script to control the animation giving links within the animation and all.

If you come to the programming part you should know Javascript, PHP etc to do some activities on the webpage. Example creating a form and processing the form, sending mails, newletters, login page etc.

You can look at google to show you tutorials, I myself made a hard time to look for those kind of tutorials but definitely worth it

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