Hopefully I post this in right place if not then I'm sorry.. Anyway I have a little problem and it's this. I made a site in CSS and then I have a forum (Invision) and now I want to have news posted from the forum to the CSS site but all things I have tryed have not workt this far :sad: .. What shall I do ?

I hope someone is able to help me out :confused:

By "CSS" site, you mean that you have a "regular" web site/page that is formatted and styled with CSS, I assume.

Then, you have a forum. You want aspects from that forum to display in your regular site.

This is typically achieved through "RSS", which stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It's an XML format that turns content into "news" that can be consumed by other sites and applications.

Your 1st step is to research if your forum software already has RSS support.

Your 2nd step is to incorporate that RSS feed into your main site. You'll need to write some server-side code to do this (or incorporate something someone else has already written).

I would suggest you research the first step on your own. Then, ask further questions in a server-side coding forum. I suggest "PHP". The moderator of that forum, Troy, has written some PHP classes that will consume and display RSS feeds.