I have a table with dynamic output. Some of the records in the first column, (Item#) are rather long and so they expand the first table column out very far. I have nowrap unchecked but still the text in this column stays on one line. Is there a formatting attribute that allows me to break up this single line? Also these records in this line are links to pages, so I want to keep that.

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Don't know exactly what you have by the tail there, but one approach might be to figure out what the max number of characters will be and do a width percentage that will accommodate them. Of coarse, all of the td elements will have to add up to 100% or less, depending on your setup.


Hi JRM, I think I figured out something a little different. I hope anyway. I replace table widths with a css style and used % instead of px. Then rearranged and changed some of the paddings and margins for my divs. The first cell in my table which contains the text in question is still there, but with the table now not as wide, it looks better. The cell contained item #'s which could range from something as simple as "EHT" to something like " 60k19/DL/120v/35w/G8/T5" which of course expanded the cell to fit the widest data. Whe he uses such an item # i dont know! lol Anyway, thanks for the reply, forgot it was here from this morning, so I will mark as solved...I hope!



Ok still running into some issues I dont like. Again, I have one column in my table that expands to fit the widest data that is there. For example. Most item#'s are 3 or so characters such as "EHT" but some are like "JRDC120V35W/F/ALU/GU-10"

Both of these are in the same column and are links to those particular product's pages. This of course isnt an issue in higher resolutions, but on a small resolution, the table expands so much that a scroll bar is needed, which I originally coded in, but the owner doesnt like that. My qeustion is, how can I keep the item# column from expanding to fit the widest text. Is there a way to break up the longer item#'s into two lines within the cell or is there another simple resolution I am missing?

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