Hi there,

I'm attempting to design an "online store" for my website, but I'm struggling with something that I'd imagine is actually very simple.

Basically, I want store.php to be my parent page, with each category falling underneath that, and each product falling underneath that.

For example: www.rjt-online.com/store/category/product

I've tried doing this using folders (i.e. creating a folder called store, and one within it called category etc.)

This works to an extent, but when you peel back the URL and type in store/category, it simply displays the directory and the category folder. I want it to display the category page, and when you type in /store, display the store page, and not the folder.

How do you actually do this properly, cos I've never done it before?

Many thanks.

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when you display a url by folder name, you actually get the index.php,index.html,default.asp page, whatever the default filename the server is set to use
If you do not have an index page in the folder, you get a folder tree
create the index.php file for each folder, that opens the appplication as you wish it to,
urls such as http:/thissite/thisfolder/unusual_name.php fail on this if the user types in http:/thissite/thisfolder/
that way
can access

hope it helps

urls broken on purpose

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