i have downloaded fonts as Vtc-NueTattooScript.ttf and Vtc-NueTattooScript.otf and now i want to use these in my html page. how can i use these fonts using html and css.

please help !!!!

Even if you have the font, anyone viewing your site will need to have the font installed on their computer to be able to view it.

To use the font though, find out what it's displayed as (in Word for example) then in the CSS you would put font-family: font name;

Downloadable fonts are implemented in html5, which means NO you cant use them, no browser supports all of html5 yet, IE 5678 supports .eot format d/l fonts, badly.

If you simply have a logo and want to use this font, then you can create an image similar to the font. Otherwise, for large bodies of text, it's not a good idea to use fonts that arent websafe.

That said, I have read somewhere about cufontext and sifr as well. I think they both utilize javascript to generate and display the font on the user's browser. Of coure a drawback is if the users have javascript turned off. Google them for yourself.

Easy Copy and Paste the below code

<style type="text/css">
font-family: GrafOrg;
src: url('flashit.ttf'); /* IE9+ */


For next time, try looking on Google Web Fonts or OpenFont. Both of these sites have instructions for using fonts on your site. You add them to your css stylesheet.