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Say i had a table in the dreamweaver that was one cell, 100px by 100px and colour white. Now i have a black dot which is 1 px by 1px and saved as a JPEG. If i click inside the cell and then go to to 'background' and find the JPEG of the 1 pixel square, it will replicate the black square until the whole 100 px by 100 px cell is filled black.

If instead of inserting that JPEG as a background, i inserted it as an image, i would just have have a white cell 100 px by 100 px with one black dot in it.

Is there anyway i could repicate the 1 pixel dot to fill the cell using it as an image? I want to create the same effect as the background but inserting it as an image instead?

Thanks for the help

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what would be the difference between having it as a bakground than as an image? wouldn't it be better?

You could put in 10000 img tags. But that would be overkill.

Why not just define a background color in css?

I find CSS best for continuity, easy too once you get to know the basics.

Otherwise why not try reworking the image in photoshop or illustrator or something to achieve your desired effect, and then use your new image as the cell background?

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