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this is my first post. i hope someone can help.

i am putting up this web site, using a flash template:

the publish settings are set to have 100% width & 100% height for the html file.

Under the main title bar, there are 4 pages. The "fashion" & "fine art" pages contain photo galleries - which are the heart & soul of this photographer's portfolio site.

within each gallery, there are 4 columns with 6 rows of photos.

Issue at hand:
On several browsers (firefox, safari) the entire bottom row is getting cropped and cut out. If you drag & shrink the window of the browser, you can see them & click them.

When entering Full Screen Mode, the entire bottom row is absent, no matter what browser we use.

How can we get the flash file to stretch & fit the browser windows, no matter what size or resolution, so that the bottom row is always visible? - (for full screen & regular window browsing).

Please contact me or reply & let me know how we can get this site working efficiently.


: )

. flynn .

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