I've got a Firefox issue -- I've created a Flash XML gallery. The XML loads great in IE, but doesn't load the images, or text from the XML file in Firefox. I've tried absolute paths and the "ignoreWhite" property is set to true in my AS code. If anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them. I can attach the AS and xml if needed. thanks

I can't think of anything directly flash related that could be causing the problem.
If it works in IE it should work in FF. The browser shouldn't make flash behave any differently!

Usually the only things that can affect the way that flash objects appear in different browsers is the HTML used to embed the swf in the page.
Perhaps the HTML tags you've used work in IE but not in Firefox?!

Assuming the HTML tags are the problem, are you sure your swf is even appearing on the page in Firefox??

If the tags are the problem, the best way to embed flash movies into your HTML pages in a platform/browser independent way is with a free, open source javascript called swfobject.js. (google it, you should find it!). It can be used in your HTML pages to embed swfs without having to worry about the users browser type or version.

The javascript itself is really simple to use. Basically in your HTML page you pass the path to your movie (and its parameters) to the swfobject script. At runtime it will determine the type and version of the users browser and will dynamically generate the appropriate HTML tags to correctly embed the flash movie in the users browser. Simple!

I'd recommend swfobject.js to anybody wanting to embed flash into their website!

BTW: One another thing springs to mind. When you were testing in IE and Firefox were you testing a local copy of the swf both times? or a swf that was uploaded to a server both times??
If you were testing on IE and FF using the same local copy (or the same remote copy) of the swf, it's most likely to be a HTML related issue.

However, if the version you tested in IE was a local one and the version you tested in FF was a remote one it could be a flashplayer security setting that is causing the problem.

By default, Flash exports swfs with the security setting 'access local filesystem only'. If you've uploaded your swf to a server and suddenly find it's not loading external resources correctly, you might want to consider opening up your .fla and changing the 'local playback security' setting to 'access network only' in the publish settings.

To open up the publish settings go to 'File->Publish Settings' in the menu or preses ctrl + shift + F12.
To find the playback security settings, click on the 'Flash' tab and you'll see it somewhere near the bottom of the dialog.

Once you've set the security setting to 'access network only', save your .fla and republish your .swf before uploading it to the server and testing.

Hopefully one of these two are the culprit. Non-portable HTML tags and the local playback security settings tend to be the cause of a lot of problems with flash pages.

Let me know how you get on. If neither of these solve the problem, I'll see what else I can figure out.

Cheers for now,

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Hi jdogg4000,

Can you please attach the sources? So that we can solve the thing.

Hey guys,

JHip -
Actually, I was testing the site locally. and then also from a server. the xml works in FireFox locally but when I put the files on my server, its only the xml that doesn't load in FF(works in IE, Safari, and Chrome). You can view what i mean by going to www.jfcreativedesign.com, and clicking on the 'Portfolio' section. The flash container movies all load ok, just no XML content. I also tried the Local/Network setting on exporting my swf's just in case, but that that didn't work unfortunately.

I checked out "swfObject" but i'm unsure of whether it can be used for loading XML files? I couldn't seem to find any good examples of it being used for XML loading, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for the suggestions anyways

I am attaching the .HTML, .XML, .SWF, .JS and .FLA files which are set up exactly as mine are currently. Check the attached ZIP file if you want to download/open them. The way its set up, the '3DGallery.swf' has a 3D scene element in it which loads an XML file called 'scene.xml' to set up the 3D scene properties and then loads the 'config.xml' file which contains all the info and variables to be passed to the '3DGallery.swf' movie.

I've tested it directly from the HTML "index" page on my server, and I get a "550 error cannot find the specified file" its sounding more like a path issue, but i'm still not sure what exactly.

Below is the code from my "config.XML" file to be placed on the server which loads the Gallery images from an absolute url on that same server. --The previously attached ZIP folder had a "config.XML" file with code that enabled that specific gallery to work locally). The "local version" XML loads fine in FF when testing locally, but when uploaded, the "server version" does not load the gallery XML info in FF. However, it works in ALL other major browsers(IE, Chrome, Safari). Anyone see anything wrong with this code?:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

	<!-- main parameters group (other parameters may be available by editing the ReadMe layer of each main Movie Clip within the source .fla file 

           - if you modify some parameter values in Flash you can remove / comment the respective parameters from xml, this way the default Flash values will not be overwritten with values given in the xml file.

           - to change the graphic elements you need to edit the file in Flash and adjust the respective symbols with your own custom graphcis

	NOTE: If you want to use FlashVars inside the html page(s) of your site where you want to insert the .swf object in order to use a different .xml 
               configuration file url or to find an answer to a common question please check the General Tips & Tricks for All Flashtuning Products tutorial
               available  on our site in the tutorials section at this location:



	<object param="maxThumbWidth" value="60" />
	<object param="maxThumbHeight" value="200" /> <!-- set this double image height -->

 	<object param="showScrollableArea" value="1" />
	<object param="scrollableAreaWidth" value="1068" />
	<object param="scrollableAreaHeight" value="200" />

	<object param="menuX" value="50" />
	<object param="menuY" value="405" />

	<object param="itemsOffset" value="60" /> <!-- the real distance between photos when using initZoomOut = 0
                                                     or a virtual distance when using initZoomOut = 1 -->

        <object param="bigImageXOffset" value="0" /> <!-- offset to adjust the position of big image on x axis -->
        <object param="bigImageYOffset" value="0" /> <!-- offset to adjust the position of big image on y axis -->

<object param="initZoomOut" value="1" /> <!-- 0/1 -> if set to 1 it will zoom out the images when the movie starts (this way you will see the original photo on mouse roll over) -->

        <object param="useZoom" value="1" /> <!-- zoom or not photos on mouse roll over -->
	<object param="zoomDir" value="1" /> <!-- zoom direction front/back -->
	<object param="zoomFactor" value="5" /> <!-- multiplication value used to determine the maxZoom value -->
	<object param="zoomSpeed" value="3" />

<object param="yFactor" value="3" /> <!-- the y movement factor for photos -->

	<object param="useBitmapSmoothing" value="1" /> <!-- if you're using transparent images set this value to zero -->

	<object param="tweenDecay" value=".3" />  <!-- images tween speed  -->
	<object param="tweenToleration" value=".2" />

	<object param="useMirror" value="1" />
	<object param="mirrorHeightGaign" value="0.6" /> <!-- percentage value between 0 and 1 to increase or decrease the mirror height -->
	<object param="mirrorOffset" value="5" /> <!-- the offset distance between image and mirror -->

	<object param="showThumbTitle" value="1" />
	<object param="titleYOffset" value="75" />
	<object param="titleXOffset" value="0" />


        <!-- images group parameters -->

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/U2-Expanding_AS2_728x90_V3.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/LIVENATIONUtwo/U2Flash_LOADERS.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="LIVENATION U2-Expanding Banner" description="LIVENATION U2-Expanding Banner
I created the look of this Ad Campaign design as well as produced the online advertising. Expanding 728x90px to 728x180px Leaderboard example." />

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/Rewards.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/GoldStacksonCakePokerhome/GoldStacksENGLISH_FINAL.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Match & WIN Promo" description="Match & WIN Promo
Cake Poker's Network-wide 'Guaranteed Action' campaign was created for both Web and Print advertising. I used Photoshop and Flash to build this page element for a poker game client welcome page." />

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/match&win.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/MatchandWin/Match&WIN_welcomepg_Client2.0_815x415_FINAL.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Match & WIN Promo" description="Match & WIN Promo
Cake Poker's Network-wide 'Guaranteed Action' campaign was created for both Web and Print advertising. I used Photoshop and Flash to build this page element for a poker game client welcome page." />

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/guaranteesNEW.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/GuaranteesNEW/Cake2.0Graphics_GuaranteedAction_welcompg_FINAL_815x415_REV.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Guaranteed Action Tournaments" description="Cake Poker Guaranteed Action Tournaments
Cake Poker's Network-wide 'Match & WIN' campaign was created for both Web and Print advertising. I used Photoshop and Flash to build this page element." />

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/chips_450_new.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/FallingChipsLogo/chips_450_new.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Falling Chips Logo" description="Cake Poker Logo chips falling into place
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/Rewards1.jpg" 			url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/RewardsonCakePokerhome/RewardsFlash_LOADERS.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Rewards" description="Cake Poker Rewards
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/playboy.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/Playboy/playboyLanding_version2_LOADER.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Playboy Tournaments" description="Cake Poker Playboy Tournaments
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/1stand10.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/1stand10/1standTEN_FINAL.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker '1st and TEN'" description="Cake Poker '1st and TEN'
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/Cake2point0.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/2point0/2.0Launch_welcomepg_FINAL_LOADER.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker 2.0 Launch" description="Cake Poker 2.0 Launch
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/$52KandSeries2009.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/52K/$52KandSeries2009_CHANGES_04_4GALLERY.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker $52K and Series 2009" description="Cake Poker $52K and Series 2009
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/turboNEW.jpg" 	url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/NEWTurboGoldCard/TurboGcards_welcomepg_Client2.0_815x415_FINAL.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Turbo Gold Cards" description="Cake Poker Turbo Gold Cards
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/Cake_home_FLAT_025_08.jpg" 		url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/OldHomepageFlash/Cake_home_FLAT_025_011.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Original Poker client Welcome Page" description="Cake Poker Original Poker client Welcome Page
This was the original, somewhat interactive Welcome Page for the Cake Poker game client. Created using Photoshop and Flash." />

<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/GC500.jpg" 			url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/GC500/GC_500_FINALbig.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Network GC500" description="Cake Poker Network GC500
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<object source="Portfolio/Flash/smallimages/CakeXmas.jpg" 			url="Portfolio/Flash/bigimages/Holiday_welcomePage_FINAL_EN.swf" link="" window="_blank" title="Cake Poker Christmas Promotions" description="Cake Poker Christmas Promotions
The Christmas Promotions" />

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