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The main thing to remember is that it looks at TEXT content in the html in your web page file. It can't see stuff in css files, scripts, dynamic content, image files, database files or auxillary files. And it ignores meta tags.

The order the websites are listed is determined by two factors:

1. The completeness of the match to the search parameters

2. The number of times the site has matched previous searches (tie breaker)

Remember that your ISP must allow robots to search its contents for your site to be searchable with search engines.

One other thing: If the name of the site contains non-alphanumeric characters (such as a hyphen or an asterisk), the search engine can not find it.


you can try submitting your site to popular social bookmarking sites to generate traffic

I thought SEO was about prepping your site's content so that it will figure 'highly' or be 'significant' in search engine results?

*by prepping I meant, using descriptive page/post titles, having an organized content structure, etc.


I actually can't name anything else at the top of my mind. hehehe

I was hoping to distract him with my ninja skills into making valuable content so that people who happen to visit his site will stay (and hopefully sign-up). Otherwise what's the point of popularity?


Consider video sharing , Podcasting, forum participation, slide sharing, social news participation initially ....

Later stages consider LInk baiting ( article submissions, press releases, sharing quality documents, creating lists online)


Goto the google webmaster tools page
Create a google webmaster account
Read What google actually search FOR when the Bots spider a page
Correct your design to match
create a sitemap
submit to google

Repeat for Yahoo
et all

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