Hi all..
i want to design a structure for a large user base application..and i am using the codeigniter framework..

I wondering here, how could then i separate the data/files from the user such as the pictures, videos and so on from the application files.

If i am not mistaken, each of the unique user need to have their own folder with the unique id right?so thus how could i tell the system to automatically adding the new folder for the user whenever a new person registered?

And additionally, for the starting point, i am thinking of doing just a simple example of this by storing only the profile picture of each person,anyone could explain to me how?
Thanks :)

As for actual code, I am very new to codeIgniter myself, so afraid none - but what you wish to do sounds pretty similar to a web application I created solely with php quite recently…

But as for storing and knowing where and when to retrieve user data, this is all handled by your ID’s and when a new user registers, here you can create folders (say for images, which are better not stored in the database, but instead they are referenced).

When you do your checks to allow a valid user creation, then you can create your folders (or maybe do checks on folder creation, file uploads first), and you might append the id and or the date to the folder name. This folder name will be in the user table for reference.