I have a question about logical search layouts. I'm currently rewriting an existing web application that tracks issues for our production product. The existing layout has all the criteria items in a table at the top of the page, buttons in a row that is centered directly beneath the table, and a grid showing the results on bottom. The page has an exact height, but dynamic width. I would post a screen shot, but because of sensitive information, I cannot.

I think that moving all the search criteria to a stack layout (similar to NewEgg's Advanced search), and expanding the search results to match the width and height of what's left in the window, with a search box across the top of the results. Using AJAX to make the results automatically update when the criteria change.

A coworker thinks the criteria should stay directly above the results, but should be lined up with corresponding results column. The AJAX functionality was agreed upon.

What is a good layout for a search page?

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Could you post a screen shot of the existing layout with sensitive information blanked out?

Dynamic sizing of both rows and columns usually produces the most pleasing results.


I can try and post a layout without the data grid on it, but it kinda defeats the purpose. The grid is the majority of the page.


Bulletproof can be used and it would be useful to you. Hope it helps you in making a right choice.


After talking this issue over with a few on my mentors, coworkers, and friends in the field, I've come to this conclusion, take advantage of the HTML standards. I'm not going to worry about overall layout until we're going to publish. I'm going to write this out in plain html, with no positioning or effects, then use CSS right before launch to position, design, and color everything. That way, I can get it working, and be functional, and let the boss decide where he wants things to go.


In case anyone wants to make suggestions for me to take to my boss, here is a screen shot of the original version of the application with sensitive information blanked out. Keep in mind that should the number of rows exceed the height of the box, a scroll bar appears. And this screen shot was taken on a screen with a resolution of 1366x768 using Win 7 and IE9.

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