Hi All

For some reason my web page isnt working properly in Firefox 3.6.16.

Here is the link http://http://www.electrix.co.uk/home.php?lang=en

The flags along the top work perfectly well in IE (when you click on them they take you to a different link).

However in Firefox, the pointer doesn't even change when you mouse over the buttons.

Does anyone have a suggestion?



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Remove the style="height:0px" from the flags div.


Thank you very much.

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Its not actually solved - when I remove the style="height:0px", the words 'Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems' drop down.

1. Remove 'height: 0px;' from 'flags'.
2. Remove 'padding-top:' from 'h2' inside 'headerright'.

change the headerright padding to margin..
you have div headerright on top of the flags div..

this is a quick solution for your problem.. but you should reconsider you css styles for that part of the site.. :)

best regards

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