My site (see signature) works perfectly fine in Firefox, but does not work with IE7 or (IE5/IE6 with security settings set to high or medium). When viewing the site in IE7 , half of the content on the page is invisible.

The site and application is PHP based. I don't know how to approach fixing this. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

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All of the data for your site is being being downloaded tothe browser corretly. If you veiw the source for the age in IE then you can see all of the data is there. This means that is probably a CCS styling error (I been there where I designed my site in firefox but it wouldn't display correctly in IE). The first thing that I would do is run my page through a HTML validator then a CSS validator.

The I would comment out all of the CSS rules and start adding them back in one at time and see at what point IE does not display the page correctly.


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