I'm not sure where an actionscript 3 post would go so I put it here. If this isn't the right location please direct me towards the right part of the forums.

Anyways, I'm currently working in actionscript 3 with the flex IDE(a scripting language based off of java), and I'm trying to include a multi key function in the program. Basically, when the user holds down two keys and then scrolls the mouse wheel I want the text of all components in the program to re-scale, either larger or smaller.

The text rescaling when the user scrolls the mouse is simple enough, however I can not find a good way of implementing the other two keys.

Currently my approach is having each key related to a boolean. When the key is pressed DOWN the boolean is set to true, and when the key let UP the boolean is set to false. When the mouse wheel is scrolled an event is triggered that checks both the booleans. If both booleans are true the text resize function is called.

I'm sorry but I can't provide the actual code, hopefully the description of my attempt is clear enough though.


I think the Graphics And Multimedia forum may be your best bet for this. I'll move it over for you.