First of all im pretty sure this isnt the right place for this post, but im not sure where to put it.. please move it admins if its totally wrong!sorry!

my question is this

im about to purchase hosting that allows me to have several websites hosted on one hosting package in their own directories (such as http://www.arvixe.com/asp_net_web_hosting)

each of these websites will have their own domain name. probably with godaddy.

A few of the websites im planning on hosting will be small scale ecommerce sites. which will need a SSL certificate. (ideally this one http://www.cheapssls.com/comodo-ssl-certificates/positivessl.html?gclid=CNqrk_X5sKoCFcVO4QodSxt_fw)

my question is what complications will the websites being on the same server have regarding SSL certificates? (they will probably have the same dedicated IP - im not sure if i can have more than one for the same server??)

If there are issues, how can i resolve them? or can anyone suggest a better (cheap!) option for me getting SSL for the sites?

Thanks guys!

I'm not sure if this is true, just going off my experience

I've only dealt with one customer that wanted me to setup their ssl, and what i had to do was generate a key in the cpanel and do allll this shit.. But in the control panel that you get from cheapssls, it asks you what domain its going on, so im pretty sure if you set them all to different domains, it shouldn't be to hard..

Also you might want to look into going with a hosting company that sells ssl's, hosting, and domains and do all your business with 1 company, that way you can have them setup everything.. much easier

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