Hi guys,

I need one hide and show div with fade effect.

please help me to find.

i have one button when user mouse click that button , it show one div block with fade effect. and i want to stay on the open div.

in div tag i have one form so must stay open div. and when i mouse out from button and that div, it automatically hide div.

one reference site : http://jsfiddle.net/pborreli/pJgyu/

in this site, click on share button.

i need same like that.
Please help me t find this


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jGrowl is a nice little pop-up displayer. It's normally used for pop-up messages, but you can easily use it to fade in a huge div layer.

It comes complete and all you have to do is put the content within the div. You can embed HTML inside the 'popup' and alter the CSS to suit your design easily. :)

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