Have you ever noticed how the different browsers have different vertical resolutions?
chrome has no bar at the bottom, FF has more bars at the top, and IE has bars at the top and bottom. leaving a very different amount of display on the the screen.

im sure many of you have noticed this in the past as i have. but its only when i have come to create a full page image background website that i have been given issues with this.

for example i am modifying this template for a site i am making

in i.e the image fill the entire screen, in firefox it leaves a small gap at the bottom, and in chrome there is a sizeable gap.

is there any methods people can think of for resolving this? as i want the image to display the full height of the browser in all browsers if possible. i have never used multiple style sheets before, would that be a possibility here?

Thanks guys xx

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Could you post a link to a test site or the markup and CSS that you have already tried? There are several ways to do this, but I would rather not list them all if they aren't relavent to what you're doing.


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