Ok basically I'm just looking for ideas for work arounds. Here's my issue. The only way I can watch megavideo videos on my phone (being that the iPhone doesn't support flash and the "frash" work around is garbage) is to use an app called iMegaVideo. You find the link to the video you want to watch, paste it into iMegaVideo then it generates a usable link for something like oPlayer. Well you can't actually access megavideo.com from the phone so the only way to find said link is to find the sites they're embedded in and view the source code, find the link. That worked for a while but I'm starting to run into a lot of sites that will embed the megavideo video into some kind of flash construct (I admittedly don't know much about flash, I don't really do a ton of web development).

So that's my situation. If anyone has any ideas for work arounds I'm definitely all ears.



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Btw as an example is this site <link removed>. Clearly it's a working megavideo link, but the actually link can be found no where in the source code

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