hi everyone i am 19 years old and have just finished ICT level 2 at college and have this great idea for a website but looking into it seems i need a database driven website and im nowhere near smart enough. ive played around with microsoft access and notepad and have a fair idea of what im doing, but will these programs do to build a site like this? i am aware i will need a programme to link the database to the site but i havent been recommended any? and im also very clueless on the logging in and out of profiles and security issues. can anybody help?

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PHP with MySQL is the way to go. You can download WAMP or LAMP for macs that includes PHP, Apache, and MySQL servers all in one install for free.

With PHP, there are tons of free open source scripts such as a members login, mail forms, and other things you may need.

Its not hard, but will take some time on your part. You'll need to learn to set up a database in MySQL.

You could also look into a CMS like wordpress that has tons of widgets and scripts preinstalled or available for download.

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