Hi there,

I'm looking for help with forms. My professor has hired me to help her with her website and I'm not big into HTML but it's worth it to me. Basically what she needs me to do is code a form so that she can enter new topics or announcements on her announcements page without having to go into the code and recode the HTML herself.

Now, I've only taken one HTML course in the past and I've coded a form before, but it was a very basic form used to generate a very very basic HTML page. My question to all of you, is: how would I set up a form that would send the entered information to the web server to then update the page?

Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance!

I had a feeling this would be the case thanks so much for your feedback.

I forgot I need to do one other thing on the website. She would like a calendar (i.e. a visual calendar not just a listing of events) and I think I can use a google calendar plug-in type thing but if there's a way to add a calendar with javascript I'd rather do that.

Any feedback on this would be a great help as well.

Thanks in advance!