Hi all,

I'm having issues with two tables that are lined up side by side (a little complicated reason as to why I created two tables instead of having two columns in one table). They contain only one row each with a single td element. The first table contains only text, the second contains text and checkboxes (as displayed in the screenshot. The one just below this text)

My issue is that the alignment is all off because of the presence of the checkboxes. When they are removed, alignment issue is fine. Is there any way I can get the text on the left table to align with the text in the right table?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried 'display:inline' using CSS?

May be including check box, induces a small margin at the top of the table.

What you could do is set the height of the both table's td to a constant eg 40 px and try.

So how did you get the table one after another, did u use align="left" or css.

All that was needed was a small padding-top value on the first table. The tables were located within other table cells (not good practice, but can't do anything about it) and that enabled me to line them up side by side.

Thanks for all the help.

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