its my uni project , am going to develop website for a photographer and i am going to have photo gallery page for it
can you please tell me what type of gallery have you viewed or have seen on a photographer website.

thank you


Look into Gallery2 which is a PHP and MySQL based photo gallery application that is easy to install and configure. Creates the thumbnails for you and lets you create albums as needed as well as having public and secure login options.

jquery has literally hundreds of gallery scripts.

Or you could use google to find pre-built scripts specifically built for galleries, but as an ex-lecturer, I can tell you using a pre-built script will get you a lower grade.

You would get a better grade if you wrote your own gallery.

yes thats right
but am not a good programmerl lol but what are free sources which i can use

what if i do my own gallery in flash will that get me a good grade , if am doing b basic galley in flash will that get me ani good grade , is ok to email u,coz i have so many question and i think u r the right person i can get advice 4rm plz

I have never programmed in flash, and if it is a web design course then no, flash is not html and so probably doesn't match your assignment requirements.

Making a simple gallery is remarkably simple.

Take a copy of your original large images, resize in a graphics program to a smaller size and save with a name that shows it is the smaller version of the original. EG original = glider-pilot.jpg, name small version as glider-pilot-s.jpg. Use the same width for each of your smaller images for consistency.

Make a page with these small images on it, and make them a link to the larger version. What is so difficult about that. If you aren't good at programming it's a workable solution that doesn't require you to copy code and risk a low grade.

If you really wish a clever looking display then perhaps you should ask the person who set the assignment whether or not using Flash is acceptable. We can only make educated guesses, remember.

But one thing to remember - I don't do people's homework for them, like most others here. We might explain why something is not working that you have tried to code, but we almost always refuse to code for you.

hey drjohn
thank you for your advice , the things i have a idea of how i will do the gallery page sort of that will be grid gallery . the reason i posted the thread i was not percent should what is that i will do but the main reason was to get people / experts advice and suggestions. thank you to evryone this was help full and second thing u r 100 percent right no can and shouldn't be making other people do they homework whats the point of making other people do. the course m doing it internet computing. so far i was been told to do something different for the photographer gallery that, all.

thank you