Hello all, I have a big question for you all and hope you can help me. I have this web site that I took over, but did not build. This site was built with people with vision impairments in mind. When ever I do updates to the site, I have to make sure I copy them into three folders. now this is a pain for me. is there away to fix this with out rebuilding this site? One other question is. There are three contrast to pick from and thats what we want. However if you are on a link and you change the contrast. the site defaults back to the home page, and that I do not want. I hope some one can give me some input on this. Here is the site.


Thanks for your time and reading this long message.

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I think using PHP or any other language may fix this...

The issue with changing the style and being redirected to the home page is that the links do exactly that - redirect the user to the homepage of the selected style. You would need to add some javascript functionality so the current page is taken into consideration and then a change to the style would redirect the user to the same page but of the selected style version. Does that make sense?

thanks hericles you have point out the right problem, may now i fix this problem at my website.

How is your javascript? You need to create a function that accepts the selected style as an input parameter and then find the current page the user is on. The javascript command document.location.href will give you the full URL. You can then split that to get the actual page.
Rebuild the URL to include the selected style and current page and then call the redirect to send the user to the new page.

I'm finding ths a little confusing. I'm told by some people to add php. but i never used php before. I'm thinking of rebuilding the site.

Either PHP or Javascript can fix the particular problem with the linking. If you wanted to add more specialized functionality then server side code (be it PHP, .Net, ruby, etc) would be required.
If you aren't familar with any of these I would suggest outsourcing the job to someone who is.

I agree. but this is a volunteer group. so i'm trying to keep cost down. i'm researching this and trying things as well. thanks for your help :)

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