I have problems to find inspiration in making simple designs. It's so anoying, I lose lot of time messing with styles instead of writting php code.

Are there any tricks that people do to make design better and make quick layout. I don't look for something special, just simple design. But when I make it looks so ugly that I decide to start over.

Not everyone can be a good web designer and web developer...as a matter of fact most arent great at both.

If you host your site with a provider, most of them give you templates included. Alternatively, there are sites on the internet that have templates...some free, some will ask for a nominal fee.

If you find a site you like, you can always right click on the browser, and view the source code to help you with some ideas.

Ok, I understand your problem as I am poor in designing job myself. This is what I do when I faced similar question -
1. go to Themeforest or any site that sell themes
2. have a brief scroll through of design layout and pattern
3. design own.
But, PLEASE do not copy anything directly unless it is really free for use with no condition. Most of them are copyright protected.

imagine yourself as user. how would you want the menu's to be ordered, at which place?
start from there: both functionality and user-friendly material, and go "idea shopping", as lps already sugggested: don't try to re-invent the wheel here. chances are, there are tons of sites like yours.
check those out, see what you like, and what you would improve to your needs.

thanks guys this is very useful

I agree with IPS. I have been designing for years and often get designer block. Surfing through some template sites is a great way to get inspiration.

Some points I always try to remember when designing are:
1. Make sure that your site is user intuitive. In otherwords, don't make them guess which link/button they need to click to get where they want to go in your site. It should be painfully obvious to them.
2. The links should go where they say they are going to go. For example, a link that reads "contact us" should take your visitor to a page with contact information and/or a contact form. Not to an intermediary page that tells them why they should contact you, etc.
3. Keep your logo at the top of the page, preferably to the left. It sounds boring, but that is where your visitor expects to see it. If it is not, it will throw them off and make the page feel chaotic to them.
4. Use white space.

I hope these tips help. Good luck.

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