hey guys i have a file called index1.html on my server and when i open it, it shows www.myURL.com/index1.html

how can i make it so that it only shows myURL.com/ when index1.html is open?

i tried looking but i only found rewrite for index.html and im not a pro at how its done but i tried to edit it to fit index1.html .. i failed..

thanks for the help :D

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did you solve this issue?

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did you solve this issue?

If you have access to the webserver, or if this is on a hosted site, using the admin panel, configure your website's default document to include index1.html.

When you type myURL.com, if index1.html exists in the directory, the webserver will automatically choose that file. Make sure that index1.html is high in the list if you have more than one default document. If you do not have access to the admin panel, if this is an asp.net site, you can configure this via the web.config file.

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