Hi, i am currently designing a new website idea i have that will be the first of its kind, i am more of a programmer than a designer and graphics have not been my strength, therefore i tend to get outside people to design most of the graphics for me. However for this website i am a bit stuck as to what general look the website will have, when i mean look i mean colours. The website itself primarily involves real estate and selling houses etc... I am stuck as to whether to go for a mostly white based website with black writing but it will have hints of red throughout, primarily on borders, logo and icons to make it look more attractive, or i was thinking of going the alternative which is white, black and green. I am more favoured for the red as it suits the name a lot more, but i just need a few ideas, if anyone can give their opinions.

Thanks and sorry if this is a bit confusing, its just i can't really progress until i get it sorted.

Why not make two samples, make screenshots, and show it. Very hard to comment on colours if you can't see how they are used.

What are the colors that the organization ( if no company, how about industry ) typically uses? Is there an existing logo?