Hello Everyone,

I need little help for determining which one is better CMS ?
Joomla or wordpress

Wordpress was easier to figure out, but joomla seems to have more options. It depends also on what you're using it for.

definitely wordpress. :)

There is no answer to the question ‘which is better?' Similar features and even some shared strengths make it hard to pick a clear winner. Carefully consider your purpose and your ability to help choose what system is best for you. You will be well on your way to creating the content you want

I also choose WordPress. It is popular and easy in using

wordpress....the best choise

Wordpress is really dude... and handleable...

Both are good .. Bot joomla having many features and its CMS very easy to work..Its friendly with websites and users..So my preference is joomla..

Wordpress hands down. It can be "simple" or feature heavy, you decide. Excellent SEO capabilities, good support, designing for it is pretty straightforward.

Many here go with Wordpress and some with joomla, my suggestion is that both the cms are equally good, each has its own significance ..........you can find it when you use it, as i experienced!

i prefer JOOMLA...i have been using it since 1 year....very easy n great CMS.....

I use both extensively.

Wordpress is a blogging app with ambitions. It's clean, simple and it's easy to customize its code. As a CMS, in addition to regular blog posts you can use pages, but pages are not assigned categories or sections, making configurable menus a bit of a challenge. Embedding apps is also a challenge, and often we need to resort to using iFrames. It's much easier for your clients to get their heads around the Wordpress back-end.

Joomla is a portal framework - supporting communities, embedding apps and having configurable layouts menus, with articles assigned to sections and categories. It's much better as a CMS than Wordpress, but its back-end is often just too confusing for non-developers. Joomla's codebase follows a more modern MVC (Model View Controller) implementation.

Joomla's codebase and database are larger than Wordpress's.

There is an abundance of Wordpress Themes, and a relative paucity of Joomla Templates.

Both have their delights and frustrations. Often I've gone with Wordpress, only to find down the line that my client wants an extra feature that would have made Joomla a better choice. And sometimes I've I've gone with Joomla, only to find that my client doesn't have the technical aptitude to deal with its complexities. 5 years ago Wrdpress and Joomla were quite different animals, now they are becoming alike in many ways.

Why don't you install both, and explore for yourself.

both or best.
but based on what site it will be used.
because of joomla have lot of components, modules and plugins. so its can be possible big portal.

but wordpress is minimal
thank you

I think joomla is best but more people is use word press so i suggest wordpress.

I use Wordpress, it is really awesome for me because it gives you thousands of free themes and plugins which are really very advanced.

On the other hand, Wordpress is already SE optimized so half of the SEO work is already done.

I would recommend Wordpress. You can virtually make some tweaks and the plugin capability is really great.

I think wordpress is best because most people use this.

Definitely wordpress is way easier than joomla as it is easier or the beginners to understand its structure.

I'm using joomla,SEo for joomla is difficult

Wordpress and Joomla are both CMS for specific purposes. It's like saying apples and oranges which is better. We know they are both fruits, right? So also, Wordpress platform is suitable for the articles/blogs centric project whiles Joomla is for more extended online work like a complete site with many resources apart from blog-like pages. Thank you.

i prefer wordpress

That totally depends on you , in which you are best.

wordpress is much easier than joomla. joomla have more option comparing to wordpress. :-)

Both have some advantages as well as disadvantages Like wordpress is simple to use,excellent for blogging or sharing thoughts in a sequential manner,even the most elderly of users can get the hang of it quickly.But if we consider disadvantage of it, it is not developer-friendly.on the other hand joomla is friendly for all types of users - Designers, Developers and Administrators.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, Joomla is the best, if you want to save your time. Word Press is easy to use for beginners, however it lacks of friendly towards web designers and developers.