Hello fellow colleges..
I have a unique problem.. a friend of mine created a website for me.. The problem is that he had organized everything in good manner.. ie) folder for images, js, css.. etc.
I tried to upload it onto the server but its showing me the root folder view.. when i paste the index file outside the html folder. Then only the index page works and the remaining pages are not accessible.. i tried my best to trouble shoot it but.. i cant understand the prob :(

When i check the website offline it works but when i upload it.. it doesnt work.. ie) images doesnt get loaded and so on.. Even i check ed out the folder spellings.. none has error..

First off -- the items on your server should be in the same folders as the items on your computer. Usually the index file goes in the root (this may be an html folder on some hosts) and all other pages, images, js, etc., in the same place unless they are in folders. You might call your host to see what's wrong as it's very hard to figure out on this forum unless you draw us a diagram. You may have loaded everything into the wrong folder. Also if there are includes involved you may also need an htaccess file to load them.

I really appreciate your comment.. Any how i have upgraded to next level of problem, and the problem is.. I was working on it.. since i was using filezilla to upload my files, for a change i tried with cpanel, it works.. I really cant understand hw it happend. :'(