When you are choosing a host, do you CARE about the type of equipment/hardware they use, the quality of their datacentre or the added services provided. . . or are you simply interested in the lowest price option?

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Reliable and high qualtiy hosting at an affordable price is always better than the lowest price. The lower priced hosting plans and providers can suffer from too much down time as well as poor customer and technical support.

My personal opinion is to work with hostgator they are one of the best in this field unlimited space and lot of scripts and good support too.
I am not tring to make comercial here and there are other options out there but from my point of view they are the best.

Well the cheaper it is, it is more than likely not the most reliable. When I choose my host, I keep in mind how much traffic is projected for the launch of your site along with how much data you will be storing on your server. If you are going to be hosting videos and other types of media on your server you need to make sure the hosting plan you are looking at offers a nice amount of data storage. I would recommend getting a server plan that offers you unlimited data and unlimited bandwidth that way you wont have to play the 'guessing game' when purchasing a plan. Hope this help and I have included a website that I helped create that offers server hosting. We offer an unlimited plan that is very affordable.

TonicSky Web Hosting:

Yes, I do care. Load time and down time are not only important for visitors who do not want to wait for ages, let alone not be able to view my site, they are also SE rating factors.

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