I seem to be completely stumped here.
I have a server with CentOS 5.4 installed with CPanel and I can access my CPanel admin with http://192.168.x.x:2086
I also have a test site that I have created using CPanel (let's call it testsite.com).

Now here is the problem:
I can access testsite.com from outside of the LAN but not within the LAN! Is there some kind of setup I have to do with my router to correct this?

I fixed it,
I added the server's local IP address to my hosts file with the url and restarted apache.

The hosts file didn't help with my site... Can I do anything else? Only me can not access the site, really strange!!! Here it is: http://dowjonestoday.eu

I also cleared my DNS cache with CMD - ipconfig /flushdns

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