Hello, I've created a flash movie which loads texts from a textfile into a dynamic textbox to be displayed. However, in my text I have a "%" sign, which is not being rendered when am loading the text in the flash. Anyone knows how to make this show up? Am using flash cs5, but saving my project in cs4 format, with flash 8 player support

PS. I did save my text file with UTF-8

I did a trace with the code, but from there itself it discards the % sign, while I did add a ? sign to test, and this one is loaded correctly. any idea why am not able to display the % sign?

here is my content available from the text file:

&varEn=Discount of 10 % on any flight booked today?

from the above, I added the ? sign to test and it was displayed in the trace, and in my dynamic textbox as well, except for the % sign

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