I am using the following code to embedd an mp3 file into my html document:

 <embed src="aharddaysnight.mp3" width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"></embed>

In IE, this works fine, as an mp3 player with controls automatically shows up.
In FF, however, a pop-up appears that says additional plug-ins are needed. When I click on the option to install additional plug-in, it doesnt allow me to because of a security certificate error.
In chrome, the player shows up, but the media starts playing automatically, even though the code says autostart "false".
Does anyone have a better way to embedd mp3, or a fix to this problem???


The easist way is to use Yahoo's web player. you'll get the most compatibility using this.


I tried this already, and both IE and FF have a security message that blocks the media from playing.
Any idea how to work around it?

?? hmmm. I haven't seen that. I'll look into this.

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