I am looking to create a PBBG game using HTML and CSS for the display and then PHP and MySQL to handle the game itself. It shall only be simple, click on this item and upgrade it if you have enough resources e.t.c.

I am hoping to make it a bit more interactive, and I was thinking that I could use a viewport to only display a certain amount of the map and then allow them to use the arrow keys (or WASD) to scroll around the rest of the map. I am not really sure what language I would need to do this, I am thinking it is going to be a bit of Javascript but to be on the safe side I stuck it in the general sort of HTML area (so sorry if it is in the wrong bit).

If anyone could provide any tips or information as to how I could do this then it would be most appreciated.
Thank you

If you are talking about complex games and you want them to work on desktops and online on servers action script 3 is a good solution it offers diffrent movements and options so that you can really make a game that people would see wow
You can find lots of books about action script 3.
Good luck