Hi everyone,

I have problem with links on my site (http://troszczynka.pl). I would like to place them permanently on the top of the notebook (just like in the project: http://troszczynka.pl/home.png) and make an animation of rolling out link with jQuery with mouse hover event.

I can manage jQuery by myself but I can't place them exactly on the top of the notebook. I tried to do it but on different screens all the links move into the different places.

Use css reset and float left or wright

Have you tried to use absolute positioning (would work if the page contents to not move or scroll).

Tried to use CSS Reset - no results

I fight with psoition:absolute / relative for a few days - no results


maybe if you post some of the relevant code, forums members can help you work out the CSS.

OK, I managed this. I made a few DIVs and placed notebook image as a background. Now I can edit the content of the notebook and place links exactly where I want to.

Thanks for help.

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