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Use your browser to download the page as a whole, then sift through it to get the coding needed. There will be a JavaScript file that does the sliding, then the code on the page that is manipulated by the JavaScript.

Haven't got much time,I need to go to work. Depending on your JavaScript writing level, you may be able to write one up that has this structure.

Array of four element ids, which are all display:hidden.
Use a timing function to count every 5-6 seconds, how ever long you want, to show one of four element ids, or the next in the array, which is set by JavaScript to have display:visible.

Write it as a function, call the function with the onload event.
W3schools.com have a JavaScript section that will have all of the above


Thank you for that information, the thing is that I want to use less Javascript/JQuery and more of the html5 and css3 features... but I will keep that in mind :)
Hope you got to work on time :)


I will update you if it worked or not :)


Check on google for the code of div slider class.With it you can create a slideshow of images by just putting path of images and making some changes in your style sheet.

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