On a page i created... the font is blue... I'm not sure why... can someone tell me why... i'll send you the link if needed:)

send it.

alright, but i think i've sent you the link before... twice i think through a pm :)

just put it here?

got it. could it be that you have quite a bit of references to {color: 999;}? I assume you meant {color: #999;}


most likely because you made an error in your style sheet, as JorgeM already suggested.

I'd change line 123...

Post the url where we can all see it!

How can we help you if you don't post the URL?

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How can we help you if you don't post the URL?

It might be confidential (for work) or may reveal his identity...

Unfortunately I don't want people seeing the link as of it yet... but i'll send you each the link :)

i sent you all the links!

so basically, what you did is the same as posting the links here:

check this line in your css

color: #000999;

if you set the color to blue, the chances are indeed very elevated, your text will be blue. just change that value to the one you want/need

where did you see the blue text?

stultuske mentioned that it's in your css file.

I noticed that, i just meant which class/id did he notice it in?

send me the link too please.

Sure thing :)

Go to rent.html, line 497 update to

color: #999;

You should see grey text. If you want another color, change accordingly.

lemme try the solution ;)

Wow that solved a lot! Thanks for helping!

I do have another question... similar to this thread though, and how do i change the color of the links in the footer without changing the colors of the other links i have set as white?


Insert the follow at line 390

#footer2 a:link {
color: #000000;

if you want to check for unexpected effects in your styling/layout/...
I recommend using FireBug. it's easy, it's free and it's used by professional webdevelopers/designers worldwide, so that statement alone should tell you something about the quality.
It took me about three seconds to figure out where the styling was different from what you intended using it.

lemme try the solution ;)

send me the link. May be I can help.

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