Ive putted 2iframes of same site, in my website the problem is the site's logo and home, contact, links.., they are appearing in both frames and I dont want to show the same site logo and the home, contacts links.
How to do this? Is it possible?
Here's one article explaining quite like what i want but Im not getting clearly.
Please somebody explain me briefly.


I don't understand what you're asking. What is the problem? You don't want the same site in both frames?

Ask them
using another site's content without attribution, is considered stealing
putting their site in your Iframe, is considered stealing
putting their content in your Iframe with their logo, is definitely considered stealing
If you ask them they may consider allowing you to access their content,

Prior post wasnt meant to be rude, if it is , sorry
I meant that for many webmasters, it is in their interests to share content, without the 'stealing' Their content in your site with a backlink, gets them higher google cred
my site ranks really well, I have multiple acredited links on other peoples web sites in similar industries, referencing my content displayed in their pages

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