i want to creat a site with ".com" domain.how to get that domain and by which site i can creat free website?

there are many services that provide free and premium services.

The best place by my opinion is GoDaddy (if you want to pay monthly).
For free sites, i know http://www.000webhost.com is pretty popular (if you want free service)

If you really want to have your own domain, you need to pay.

But there are free webhosting services available, but the domain name would still include that sites domain.

say a webhost with a domain name


If you use their free hosting, you'll be given a domain name of


or something like that.

Creating a website and buying a domain name are two totally different things.
If you want to create a website, you have to know how to code in HTML CSS (Minimum), and if you are planning for a more dynamic website you have to know PHP & MySQL.

Concerning the domain name, if you want free hosting, your domain name will look like this www.devid.*********.com
********* is a name generated by the website during your registration, and probably it will ask you for the random word available so you can select one (Personally I don't like that, and it's not serious, but useful if you are testing the life of a website and how everything works ...)
And as '<MICHAEL>' said, www.000webhost.com is good for free hosting.

If you want a more serious website, buy a domain name with hosting, it will cost you about 3-6$/month depending on which web hosting company you are buying from.
Some recommended companies are: Bluehost.com and GoDaddy.com

Good Luck

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If obtaining your own second level domain name is important, then that is the first step. You can register the name with one of many registrars out there. Or course some of hte commons ones are network solutions, or goDaddy, but there are many more. The cost of the name will vary among registrars, but they are all about the same price due to competition.

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Getting your own domain name is not a requirement to set up a website, but if you plan on developing your site and expect to have visitors and increase in traffic, you should most definately get your own name. This is because as you develop your site and people link to your webpage, you want to make sure that you are not using a temporary domain name now and then change it to something else later. Many of the hosting providers can provide you with a name if you do not get your own domain name. If that is the case, you are borrowing their name and you can only use it while you host with them, so for this reason, I dont beleive that's generally a good idea. And, the name they let you use may not be the name that you want as it could be used by someone else. For example, it may be something like this... www.mywebsite.theirDomainName.com.

So once you register your name (depending on the top level domain it can cost you $2-$20 per year), you can choose a hosting provider.

Costs will vary some provider to provider, but as mentioned in this thread 000webhost.com does provide free services, limited, but free. For a shared hosting option, you will pay about $5 for most providers. The price continues to get more expensive as you get closer to a dedicated hosting solution and add more horsepower to your server.

For your own domain you have to pay, there are some registar available like whois, godaddy and many more, you can find some free hosting, free hosting you can't get good support regarding your website and you need computer and web knowledge to maintain it.

Recently I created a website with makeanysite.com. They are providing quality services with cheaper price.Also they are providing unlimited hosting space for creating websites.

Just google it ...........u will get lot of sites ................

It's not a big deal around $7 for a dot com from godaddy - that's per year, of course. Then hosting - I would not host at godaddy, as their system has weirdities. Try hostmonster, they are cheap, not too bad, and their system is pretty standard so if you have problems you should be able to find a fix online

To make a site, the easiest way for a novice is to use wordpress. Then hunt around for a template you like. There are plenty of amazing free ones out there, or you could just modify 2012 using wordpress itself! You'll find an installer in cpanel usually it says "scriptaculous" and there's a selection of site builders in there, wordpress is just one of them, but the one which is by far easiest and for which there is the most information online. On Hostmonster's cpanel it's called "simple scripts" and is under both Software/Services and Site Builders, but wordpress has a direct link under Site Builders as well. I did a screenshot but can't find a way to upload it, sorry.

there is so much online to help you with wordpress, you'll ba amazed. tutorials as well. some on video. you can't find anything as easy with as much help available. trust me