how to creat a website? in which site it is simple to creat ? i want to creat a site with chat,downloads,messages ect. please tell me

if you really don't know how to create a website by yourself, then you can learn some useful information from online video. You can find these videos easily in internet.

Well, i am not sure if you know how to create a website, but i will assume you don't know... use Wordpress! or if your kind of cheap you can use the WIX site and create it.

I perfer purely coded sites that can be manipulated, but in your case... use WordPress.

How To Create A Website is not that difficult, once you know how! There are lots of different ways to make your own website that at times it can be confusing, let me help you make the right decision and show you how to create your own site.

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i suggest learn the basic first..

Do you want to learn how to code a site or just want to make one as fast as possible?
In the first case, read, read and read even more about it.
In the second case, I suggest using Joomla, WordPress or WIX (as suggested by <MICHAEL>)

For create website your have to learn so many things, Do you wnat to make only one website or interested to learn so that you can make website on regular basis.

First learn photoshop nad other open source software. then create easily website

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To creat a website, the first is to have some basic knowledge about programming, html, php, cms, mysql. It is easy to learn html. There is also another choice tha is to make a site with the using of php code generator even if you have limitted knowledge of programming. There can enable you to make a site. To have a good sites, there are many others shall be taken into consideration, such as the webpage layout, color, what it is for, etc.


you can easily create web sit if you have basic knowledge for wed designing an developing.

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Seems the OP has left the building. Wonder how many more threads like this ('how to create a website') there are on DW.

I think every week, somebody posts about "How to create a website"... no body ever google's first...

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They don't come back either.

that probably explains why they don't have more than 2 posts...

In order to design a website, You first have to learn Web Designing and Web Development concepts. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP with MySQL and Graphic Designing are primarly learning basic concepts. If you have already learned them, You can start designing your own website using Dreamweaver software.

For developing a rich website you first learn basic HTML and Css then got to the photoshop for design purpose after this you can select any open source language it easily available in internet.

i want to do a website for a clinic ...using php with ci...any to start ?? dowbload a still a student

@shakayu, the best way to start is by learning the languages itself and then learn how to work the data. Afterwards start developing a site.

Creating a website is simple when you know about basic of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL etc. ( for better understanding visit W3Schools ). Before creating any website by yourself first dig out information about website design and development then try any online web builder like wix, gobiggi etc.

@Michael..Am already learning..but i dont have much time :S

Well, you have to learn how to manipulate and use data... That is really the best way to dumb things down to a pulp, if you know what I mean.

My advice is to first start the project, and ask questions about parts of the sites, if you ask a vague question on how to create a website, you are not going to get the best answer.

You said you need a website with "chat,downloads,messages ect.". I think before even creating your site, you need to know what is your website going to transmit and who is your target audience.

Another thing: There are web programmers and web designers. VERY RARELY, one person is good at both. Web designers usually make a mockup in Photoshop and then web programmers reproduce it in code. This is one of the most complicated steps in making a pro website.

riahc3 is right about site developers but if you were searching for someone to build your site, search for a programmer ;)

They do provide free website for small businesses but the renewal prices for the website is too high as hostgator which provides hosting has very high pricing. And also the business owner has got to design the website by himself by using the online website builder software they provide. Its a good thing that they are taking the initiative to bring small businesses online but the problem here is those small businesses don't know how to optimize their website for the search engines! Now why is that important? Because having a website online is one thing but having your potential customers find it when searching online is something different. And the sponsors of this free service providers may also use the businessmen's contact information's to advertise their costly and useless products to them. So its a better option to build a website from a professional developer who can provide the most cost effective ways for a business to grow online presence.

To creat a site, you first have to have some basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, Java, Database, etc. Also, using some tools like php code generator can save you lots of time on coding. However, it is not easy to build a good site, as there are many things need to be taken into consideration, such as the layout, color, users experience, site seo friendly factors, etc.

Website creation is not an easy task for all people because you should have proper information regarding web designing and development related software. If you want to learn web site development then you have to learn designing first using any effective designing software like Dreamweaver,photoshop etc.

Hi Devid,
You can create your own website with the help of online tutorials. I also learnt from online tutorials, it is easy to understand. I like to create websites using a content management system wordpress.It is free and open source software and easy to use and install.

Hey, If you have good knowledge about HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript then it is very easy to create website. These are the basic requirement for developing a website which you must required. If you want to learn website design easily then visit w3schools. This is really best website for you to learn website designing.