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If you plan on custom web develpment, HTML and CSS is a good start. If you are a bit rusty, go back and review/practice before you move on to the following:

Client side scripting --> JavaScript, AJAX, and jQuery
Server side scripting --> Pick one of the following: PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, etc..

Depending on how up to date you are with HTML and how comfortable you are with scripting, you can be developing interactive web applications in no time.

Of course, this site is very helpful as you get stuck and need pointers.

I always recommend to get yourself some good books on the subjects listed above and practice, practice, practice....

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A good refresher start for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is w3schools.com. With regard to books, that's usually a personal preference based on publisher/author. HTML and CSS are pretty basic so many of hte publishers cover the material pretty well.

When it comes to server-side scripting, this is where i see a difference in quality content.

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