" i want to creat a site with chat,downloads,messages ect. "
You can do it easy enough using Joomla or other CMS (maybe Wordpress).

I suggest you to learn Html for creating static website, HTML have many tags which are the basic of any webpage. So you should learn basics of html tags. it is good to learn from w3schools.com

lets starting with blogger, you'll learn many things with that

If you would like to program and design websites with code for free, I suggest Coffeecup, if you want to make a cool website without the backend code for free, you could use Webs.

You can use CMS for the web designing. It depends what kind of website you want to make.
For shopping website you can go for magento or zen cart,for social media website you can use Drupal CMS, but the most popular website are mostly developed in worpress, because its vey easy to manage a wordpress site.

how to creat a website? in which site it is simple to creat ? i want to creat a site with chat,downloads,messages ect. please tell me

Although we will probably never know, I don't think this person is looking for programming info but for a quick fix and the best option for that is probably a self-hosted Wordpress site with plug-ins to handle "chat, downloads, messages" (any suggestions?)...

If you are looking for a freebie option, Blogger (as suggested previously) will get you set up quickly, but I don't know how far you could go in adding the features you want, plus they could pull the plug on the site at any moment, so it would be a false economy to invest time and effort in building something that you do not ultimately own.

Here is simple way to create responsive web html site. It's name Twitter Bootstrap framework. Here is free templates for all variants of pages http://www.bootstraptor.com enjoy! It's very easy!

Using various tools you can Bul your own website. Like CMS, PHP and all that.

You should be knowledge of html and css and Photoshop to make your desing graphically.

You mentioned that you want a website with a chat and messaging function. That would require advanced levels of programming. I recommend you get someone to do the task for you rather than trying to get it done on your own. Mastering advanced programming like php takes a lot of time and practice. You could learn it, if your schedule permits it

Nice information in this blog thanks for valuable commetning

Building a website is easy! Just use a CMS platforf like Wordpress. The difficult part if bringing in viewers i.e. traffic to tha website. That requires some knowledge of SEO. SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is the most vital step for a website to be able to do what it is supposed to do i.e. reach its audience. SEO helps a website be ranks high on Google Search engines for the targeted keywords which people search. Thus Google can earn you money and lots of traffic if you learn proper SEO techniques.

Creating website is really very easy,which is intresting too.The main languages to create a website is HTML,PHP where HTML is the client side scripting language and PHP is the server site scripting language.

commented: HTML is not a scripting language, there are also numerous serverside languages you can use. Also, building a site is not easy, it is hard and time consuming. -2

Creating websites is just like ABC learn the code HTML and then structure n decorate that code with CSS. The 2 learning blocks of webdesign HTML and CSS.

These are good places to strat learning instead of the boring w3cschools etc.
If you are good at learning with video tutorials you can enroll at www.udemy.com they have mammoth collection of tutorials on the subject n you can learn advanced skills like programming languages PHP,RAILS,JAVASCRIPT etc and even start your own business. Lots of inspiration and guidence,discounts and even free tutorials here take a visit.
Remember learning the ABC is necessary follow the order no shortcuts.
i Hope david this solves your problem and remember keep practicing.

@kurianjoseph, you didn't have to reincarnate this thread.

Sorry @m/, if i reincarnated the thread but did anyone mention these useful resources, we are all stuck with w3c for training it sucks, these are one of the best for newbies. I did not reincarnate anything,i expressed what i felt was right and freedom of expression on this post is subjected only to senior posters then sorry i made a mistake of signing up on this post.Thanks for the treatment.

I didn't mean it in any negative way, i just thought it wasn't necessary to reincarnate this specific thread... Know what I mean?

For creating website, first you have to learn HTML language,so search it on Google or join any institute who teaches programming language

If you want create your own website then first reffer w3schools website which help you to get knowledge of HTML and CSS programming, then download Dreamweaver Software which helps you to create a better website

Download or purchase Adobe Dreamweaver software and install it on your computer, this software helps you to create a good website.and for more guidelines about html and css coding reffer w3school website.

you must learn the basic and the basic HTML AND CSS , it is like huburger, so HTML is like bread and CSS is like what is inside to complete the taste

If you are a totally rookie, you should study some basic knowledge in relevant books or some online education site, like w3cschools.

Here I'll offer you some basic steps of creating a website:

  1. Find a Web Hosting Provider
  2. Buy a Domain Name(URL) that people can find you.
  3. Plan your website: site type, layout, content
  4. Unload your website
  5. Do SEO works for you website
  6. Uninterrupted Maintain and renew your website
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This thread is turning into a right royal pain in the neck. Nobody seems to have anything new to suggest. Could I suggest that would-be posters first have a look at the previous replies before repeating generally useless material found in 8 month old posts. ;)

@diafol, why not just close this thread? Most of the users here are saying w3schools anyways...

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No real reason to at the mo. Perhaps somebody will ask a question or offer new references. I seriously doubt it, but there's a reason why we don't auto-close threads. I can't remember what it is though. There have been numerous discussions about thread resurrectors and auto-closing in the Feedback Forum.

w3schools is very useful for some things, so I wouldn't 'diss' it out of hand, but it's only 'one of' - I would like to see new posts containing links that haven't yet appeared in this article. I repeated a post once and got called a 'post whore' - I liked that, very funny.

kurianjoseph seemed to have offered a new suggestion two weeks ago. I'm a rookie at it too and I think I'll take his advice.

Well... all i can say is that not very many people have said Google ;)

study the html in w3school.com

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Really Sue... you had to bring up w3schools like the last few dozen people...

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If you are not know how to create a website,than go to wordpress and try a to create a blog on wordpress. You can learn easily wordpress by searching its tutorials over the Internet.

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