Can anyone tell me what is making my website load so slowly? My url is I would really appreciate some insight into this issue. What can I do to make this site load faster? Thanks!

same problem here with my website (shoppingmonk) please help me out from these

It seems to load quickly enough for me, however if you are to have issues then it is likely to be either because you are loading a large number of audio files or that you have a long running script.

Your website doesn't appear to have any backend content to be loaded, and it is a simple static design so there is no need for it to load considerable number of images.

Check your scripts, check that nothing is taking a long time to load. If this doesn't resolve the issue then you could try removing the sound tracks from the first page, and letting the user click on the album cover and listen individually.

If all of this fails, then it could always be a network issue on either the server end or your end?

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Have a look at the dev tools in your browser to see how long your scripts and assets take to load. Here's a snpashot of Chrome's findings:


I'd suggest you run some tests on your site. I typically use this online tester:

The results provide good information about potential issues with your page.

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From the chrome analysis, it looks like you've got quite a few mp3s trying to load. That's gonna kill you. A bog-standard shared hosting account is going to struggle with that.

Why do you need so many loaded resources? You could use a jukebox effect, ie hold filenames in js and only load the audio, once a link was clicked?

If having all these resources available at the same time is essential to your page, I think something's wrong. You'd only play one song at a time anyway, so you really don't need to have that many controls/resources loaded.

You may be able to dynamically create the player as well as load the song on image click.

Thanks for your response. Which tool in my browser shows how long my scripts take to load?
Also, do you have a link to a jukebox effect sample? It sounds like a good idea, and I want to see how to do it.

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