Hello! I am modifying a user panel for someone, I have been asked to center an element on the page. It is assigned with the class "joins" i've looked through all of the css files and I can't seem to find where it is styled. is there someway i can figure out what file it is styled in with chrome developer tools or something? Cause I cannot find where it is styled! Thanks for any help, means alot!

Can you provide a URL?

I found it in the file, but it would still be useful to know how to find it quickly.
Here is the link if you really need it: http://virtualwebmarketing.com/signup.php
I don't even know what it is, i'm just redesigning stuff lol.

So yes, Google Chrome's Dev tools is a big help for this kind of stuff. If you see in the picture that I posted, on the right side, the tool indicates exactly where in the CSS file the styles are coming from.


I surrounded the information with a red box in the picture. In chrome, if you click on that link, it takes you to the contents of the style sheet.

OH! Thanks for that, big help I'm sure I will need that a few more times. Thanks!

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