hi guys
i want to ask you if i want to send html page (i.e the html page has radio buttons and check box ) to client and i want the client to select one of the radio buttons so my question is how can i modify the html code so that as user select one of the adio button the selected radio button will be automatically added to the html code
i hope you understand my question
thanks in advance

will be automatically added to the html code

Sorry.. Can you clarify or provide another example? What do you mean send HTML?

i have server that send html page to client this page contain radio buttons and check box when the client recieve the html he open it and select one of the radio buttons and check one check box now i want to save the new html code

I'm very confused. I may have totally misunderstood what your asking but do you mean you have some kind of form with radio buttons and you want the selections to be sent back to you? You would need to make use of a php scipt to send the data back to you in an email or something similar. Is this what you mean? It's not that clear from what you have said

Unfortunately, I am still not clear either.

hi thank you for replay
i want to make some system(we can say an exam system that mean i send questions in html form so he would answer the question in the html form then sending it back to me) that if i send to the client html page he will answer the question and send the page to me again i hope that you now understand what i want to do

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