Iused to get asked quite regularly to make flash animations - such as banner ads, slide shows, and so forth. Then along came apple and off wnet one of my revenue streams into the sunset...

Recently though I have been asked to do something like this: http://bspokemedia.com/momediauk/record-player.html which I could have done in flash (all though it would have been quite a bit of work of course)

ANyway, I am at a bit of a loss. What technology would you use to make something like this now that will work across browsers (I know, that's the hard bit). WOuld it be html5/css3 with a flash fallback, because that seems like a real big job.

I have tried googleing "Anim,ation without flash" but could fiond anything.

I am not asking for "How do you make it" but "What would you use to make it?"

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There's Microsoft Silverlight.

But I would say it would be HTML5/CSS3 with a Flash fallback, yes.

Thanks for the replies. Have found that there' an extension for flash cs6 that, provbided you get the work flow right and work within the limitiations, will export as js. So gonna try that first (with the swf fallback!)


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