I understand that the HTML 5 spellcheck attribute works on any input, textareas, and editable divs. I want to get spellcheck to work with our wysiwyg editor, which uses a non-editable div with a hidden input field (for backwards compatability). Is there any trick to get the spellcheck attribute to work on a non-editable div?

Code rum, thank you for the link, it seems like it has potential, but there are a few things I don't like about it:

  • I would never implement someone else's obfuscated, third-party code, regardless of whether it's serverside or clientside
  • It's very, very heavy, as it implements its own clientside dictionary

Isn't a non-editable div read only?

Maybe put the spellchek attribute on the hidden input field?

The hidden input field is only 1 pixel in size.

Yes, non-editable divs are read only.

I think that with few adaptations of the existing code, the spellchecker can be made to reflect errors on any other content; editable or non-editable.

In fact, ever since DHTML introduction or the day that Gen-4 browsers came out, there's nothing non-editable in HTML. HTML is alive ever since Live Script came to existence, and now that we have DOM we have almost everything we need to be truly productive.

Of course, the dynamic changes will not affect the source - but they'll be clearly visible to the client.

I think that with few adaptations of the existing...

sorry, my bad read.

for the real question -it turns out as if
its practically impossible to reuse the browser spell-checker plugin from a page.