How is the handshake code of CSS generated.

What do you mean by "handshake" code. I'm not an expert in CSS, but I've never heard of such a thing.

Okay my lecturer asked me to come up with a website that has a handshake(this happens when someone logs in then a link is sent to his email address so as when he clicks it,it will take him to the website).

There are networking handshakes, as EvolutionFallen discussed, but they are different from what you seem to be asking for. (A networking handshake really has nothing to do with emailing upon clicking a link). What programming language are you using in class??

CSS is just used to aesthetically style html markup.

Am using PHP.but am using tutorials learning from scratch.

OK so you will want to create an HTML page that has a link, and upon clicking that link, loads up a PHP page that sends out an email. I suggest reading up a bit more and then posting in the PHP forum with what you've tried so far and where you're stuck.

Ok I'll try that.what I want is that when someone registers to the web a link is sent to him or her for verification so that he can click on the link to take him to the website.

Yes, you're going to need PHP to do this. Not CSS.

Okay thanks.let me post this on PHP side.

Hi is there a tutorial I can get n read about this handshake.