Whenever I print a webpage from my browser, the page's URL gets printed at the bottom of the page.

There is no option for this in the printer.
There is no option for this in the browser.

Is this dependant on the file type/extension ?

Is there a way to prevent the URL from printing ?


In general, the page elements for the headers and footers are controled by the browser (IE, Firefox, and Opera, for example, all display somewhat different information).

For browsing, you can turn this off in the Page Setup. Using Internet Explorer as an example, go to File > Page Setup and removing the tags in the Header and Footer boxes. This will provide a clean print of the page without the noted headers and footers.

Hope this helps!

Sometimes it is the easiest things that we overlook - even more than 3 months old, this answer works like a dream. Thank you!

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